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Monday, 27 May 2013

Questions about the Constitutional Referendum

Apparently we will have a referendum asking us to recognise  Local Government when we vote in the federal election on September 14.
This referendum is deemed necessary because local government is not named specifically in the Australian Constitution and therefore any federal payments to local governments may be deemed invalid.
If this is the case, perhaps we ought to broaden the referendum.
After all, the state of Western Australia is not mentioned in the opening paragraph of the Australian Constitution as one of the states “having agreed to unite.” Are Western Australians invalid members of the Australian Commonwealth?
Political parties are not mentioned in the constitution, however, for some years now after every election these parties collect money from the government based on the number of votes they receieved. Is this daylight robbery?
The constitution also states that the Governor General’s salary shall be ten thousand pounds ($20 0000). I am sure it has been much more than that for many, many years. Should we be seeking to recoup these “invalid” overpayments from the Queen's representaive.
Finally, neither of the positions of Prime Minister or The Cabinet are mentioned in our constitution. Does this mean that all decisions and policy announcement by the Prime Minister of the day, and/or the Cabinet, since January the first, 1901, are invalid?
Just a thought.

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